Michael Bryant Profile

How it all began…

Michael started writing short stories and verse at age 15.  After leaving home at 17 he worked as a photographer’s assistant for the prominent Sydney fashion photographer, Allan Nye Studio’s at Woolhara . The artistic streak continued in the following years with writing, learning guitar and piano and experimental  drawings on the interior walls of a rented house in Sydney, accompanied by random verse (Late 60’s graffiti art!).

Abandoned Window by Michael Bryant

Abandoned Window

Photography continued as one of the many creative tools used during the decades that followed the sixties. Photography has in fact become the medium for the bulk of Michael’s artwork during the last ten years.

  • Three photography solo exhibitions -North by North East/Inverse/Field of Vision
  • Collaborative exhibition with Tracy Jay, The Hungry Ocean
  • Written and self published a trilogy of  photography lifestyle books:
    North by North East || North by North East: Magnetic Directions || 3 Points North
  • A symbiotic relationship with the imagery of words and the poetry of detail has produced several photography/poetry books
Inverse - photography and verse
He has taught photography/photoshop one on one classes  and innovative right brain workshops for daycare educators. He has been a Director and Manager of Curious Art Gallery where his work is represented for the last ten years.
Above Marine Parade - Michael Bryant © Copyright 2012

Above Marine Parade – Michael Bryant © Copyright 2012

Curious Digital Photography workshops is an exciting venture with fellow artist and educator Tracy Jay. Photography is another medium of the arts just like painting, drawing or sculpture. We believe we have a lot to offer students bringing our shared understanding of the principles of art and design which apply equally to photography.”

Michael Bryant 2011.

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2 Responses to “Michael Bryant Profile”

  1. Great presentation Mike, we wish you a hugely successful launch of your new project.

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